How to Sell Your Art Products Online: A Complete Guidance

You can sell your art on your own website, through social media, at online art galleries, and on digital stock sites! Check our helpful guide and discover how to sell your artwork online!

Selling Your Art Products Online

We live in a society where you can sell everything online, including art products. Today, there are a lot of places, ways, and tools that can help you sell your art online. You can build your own website and promote your products there, you can take advantage of the online art galleries and start selling your artwork, you can use the social media networks and promote your art to customers from all over the world or you can use platforms such as Etsy or Shopify and create your small online art business. There are a lot of options you can use.

However, the important thing is not where you are going to sell your art products, but how to sell it. In this article, we are going to share a few helpful tips and steps you can use to sell your art online.

How to Sell Different Types of Art Products Online

We will start by analyzing which online selling tools suit best for different types of professional artists and their art products.

  • Original works, prints, limited editions, sculpture you sell and ship by yourself – This type of art is best for fine artists, sculptors, printmakers, mixed media artists, professional photographers and more. You should try and sell this type of art on your own website, large seller marketplaces, online art marketplaces, and social media sites.
    • Custom-made items and commissioned works designed when ordered and creations you ship yourself – This type of art is best for illustrators, commission artists, handmade goods artisans, photographers, and more. You should see this type of art on your own website, social media sites or large seller marketplaces. Also, if you are interested in knowing how to sell furniture online, there are ecommerce platforms that can help you do this. Ecommerce platforms make it easy for you!
  • Your art designs and images printed on various items – This type of art is best for printmakers, fine artists, cartoonists, graphic designers, photographers, and more. You should try and sell this type of art on your own website, large seller marketplaces, social media sites, and print-on-demand websites.
  • Digital artwork, photographic images, fonts, website themes, and graphic media templates delivered via digital download – This type of art is best for website designers, photographers, illustrators, and graphics designers. You should sell and promote this type of art on your own website, print-on-demand websites, social media sites, and digital art marketplaces.

The primary and the best way to sell your art online is by using your own websites. According to experts, every artist should have their own website as it is the best online showplace. As a matter of fact, the website should be more than just a traditional website, it should be a full-featured online shop.

Your website is going to be your home to your original brand and business and the best of everything is that you are going to have a complete control. Another great thing is that with your works front-and-center on your website, you are not going to worry about high commissions, competing listings, online gallery courses or unexpected art marketplaces.

Nowadays absolutely anyone can launch a modern, gorgeous, and organized online shop without any previous web design knowledge and background or programming experience. If you can log into a website then you surely have the skills needed to create a full-featured online shop.

We hope that this article was helpful for you and you are now ready to sell your art products online!


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